After you successfully complete the application procedure, we will automatically create your web directory on Below is a summary of the services available on Additional services may be added at a later date.

Web directory

The address of your website will be:
Username is your BU login name.

Access to update your files

You can upload files with SFTP.

Homepage and template files

Initially, you have an index.html file that we create for you, with links to other sample pages. You can edit these pages or replace them with ones you create.

Disk quota

Initially, students, staff, and groups have 50MB of space to publish their files. Faculty get 100MB. You can request more space for academic purposes.

CGI scripts

You have access to Pony Express, a script that processes the input from a form and sends you the form contents via email.


A personal site search is available for all publishers.


Site reports are generated for the server once a month.


Instructions for creating a guestbook are included in our Forms section.