The following table shows all the possible tags used by PonyExpress forms for writing to a datafile. Depending on what your form does, you may only need a few of these in your form. Those that are required are shown in black.

Special Tags for PonyExpress Forms


How to Use

Sample Tag VALUE



required if writing to a database file

Set this to “yes” if you want PonyExpress to write to a TAB-delimited database file. See Simple Database Files for details. yes


Specify the file name of the output database (TAB-delimited) file. By default, this is datafile.txt. applicants.txt


By default, PonyExpress will output the data for all fields in the output database file. Set this to “yes” to use only those fields specified in the “order” hidden tag. yes


By default, PonyExpress uses your form’s field names as the first data record, allowing database programs to populate the column names. Set this to “no” to turn off this behavior. no


Set this variable to “yes” if you are also sending an email to the form owner. If you do not include this tag, mail will not go to the owner if you are writing to a datafile. yes or no