A Norstar key system allows University departments to have few telephone numbers shared over many telephone sets.  A Norstar system has equipment that needs closet space close to your office to house the service unit.  This system is programmed locally, in the closet, to distribute the telephone lines and sets to the offices in your department.  Technicians usually need to come to your office to make program changes, unlike the MBS sets that can be programmed remotely from our office.

Norstar sets vary in size by number of buttons on the sets (8 to 24 buttons) and allow for the same features provided on the MBS sets.  Norstar systems also provides paging through the handsets, a feature not found on MBS sets.

Norstar systems use analog lines which are $14 per month. Norstar sets range from $8.19 to $12.71 per month, and standard voice mail is an additional $5 per month. (Please note that with a Norstar system there need not be a one-to-one relationship between amount of lines versus sets. Meaning, a department could have 5 lines with voice mail and 20 sets.)  Also note that there are additional charges for system equipment – these charges vary depending on your custom design.

For additional information please contact us at 617-353-2097 or phone@bu.edu.