1. Make sure you have reviewed steps 1 and 2 on the preceding Using Desktop and Mobile Device Clients page before continuing with the steps outlined below.
  2. Click on Mail in the top left corner and then select Preferences.
  3. Select the Accounts screen.
  4. Click on the ‘+‘ icon.
  5. Enter your Full Name as you would like it to appear on messages sent by you.
  6. Enter your email address as login@bu.edu (where login is your BU login name)
  7. Click Continue, but note…
    1. If you have an Exchange account, you will need to simply press Continue again when you get an error.
    2. If you don’t have an Exchange account, press Cancel immediately after pressing Continue, then press Continue again.
  8. Select IMAP as the Account Type.
  9. Enter BU Google Mail as the Account Name.
  10. Enter imap.gmail.com for the Incoming Mail Server.
  11. Enter your full BU email address (login@bu.edu) as the Username.
  12. Enter your BU Kerberos password.
  13. Enter BU SMTP for the Description.
  14. Enter smtp.bu.edu for the Outgoing Server.
  15. Check the box to Use only this server.
  16. Check the Use authentication box.
  17. Enter your full BU email address (login@bu.edu) as the Username.
  18. Enter your BU Kerberos password.
  19. Click Continue.
  20. Click Create.
  21. You should now be all set to begin using Mail with your BU Google Apps account, but might find helpful the additional settings outlined at http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=78892.