When items are deleted in Outlook, they are moved to the Deleted Items folder where you can see and recover them, indefinitely, until that folder is emptied. To recover a message, simply drag it to the Inbox (or other folder) where you would like it to be.

Once the Deleted Items folder has been emptied, you still have 30 days to recover those items (including Calendar appointments and Contacts). Removed items go to a “dumpster” area where you can retrieve them yourself for 14 days using the instructions outlined below. After the 14 days, you can then still recover purged items by Help request (or write to ithelp@bu.edu) for the subsequent 16 days.

To restore deleted items from the “dumpster” area (within 14 days):

  1. Open the file recovery screen:
    • Outlook 2010 – Highlight Deleted Items and go to Folder -> Recover Deleted Items.
    • Outlook Web (Internet Explorer only) - Right-click on Deleted Items and choose to Recover Deleted Items.
    • Outlook 2007 -¬†Go to the folder from which the item was deleted and choose Tools -> Recover Deleted Items.
  2. Select the item you want to recover.
  3. Click on the Recover Selected Items button (toward the top of the window) to restore the item.
  4. If the item doesn’t seem to restore, try logging in and out of your mail client and then repeat the above steps again. Sometimes it can take a second try.