You can manually move stored messages from your ACS account to your Exchange account through a desktop email program (such Outlook or Mac Mail). You can perform the manual move of messages between two “Accounts” in your mail client simply by drag and drop, or by selecting the folder or message and opting to “Move” it.*

Follow the steps below to make sure both e-mail accounts are set up in a desktop e-mail client. Then move any message(s) that you wish to migrate from one account to the other.

STEP 1: Configure a single e-mail client to access both accounts

  1. If necessary, onfigure your desktop client (such as Outlook or Mac Mail) to access ACS
  2. Add the Exchange account as a new “Account” in your mail client
    • NOTE: In this step you will be adding the Exchange account as second “Account” in your mail client. You should not delete your ACS account settings through this process.
    • ALSO: If you experience any problems setting up the second account, it could be because the mail client will not allow you to have two e-mail addresses. To work around that, you can simply rename the e-mail address in your ACS account settings to

STEP 2: Move the message(s) you wish to migrate from one account to the other

Once both accounts are configured in the same mail client, you can move messages between them using drag and drop or, if available, a menu option for Move. Although mail clients can vary somewhat in how they handle this process, most will allow you to select more than one message (or folder) at a time by holding down the shift key.

STEP 3: When you are ready – remove your ACS “Account” from the mail client

Once you are completely done copying any messages you need from ACS, you will want to remove your access to ACS, following steps on the Switching from ACS to Exchange page.

*NOTE: Although the instructions on this page are intended to assist with the move of messages from ACS to Exchange, the concepts presented can be applied to the transfer of messages between any two e-mail accounts. Simply set up the two separate “Accounts” in one desktop e-mail program and move the messages between them. Comparable instructions are also provided, for example, to assist with the move of messages from ACS to BU Google Mail.