Configure Mac Mail to use Exchange

  1. Launch Mail.
  2. If this is the first time you have used Mac Mail, skip to step 3. Otherwise, go to the Mail menu, choose Preferences, and select the Accounts tab. Then click the + icon that you’ll see in the lower left of the Accounts window.
  3. Type your Full Name, email address (as where login is your BU login name), and your Kerberos password. Then click Continue.
  4. Mail will now search for the Exchange server. Click Create when it has completed. 
  5. Mail will set up your account, and begin to sync your mail.
  6. NOTE: If you are using Mac OS 10.6 you may get a warning about a certificate issue when connecting to Exchange. Opt to Show Certificate,  select “Always trust…” and then click on Continue.
  7. Note that you can also use iCal to see your Exchange calendar and Address Book to see your Exchange Contacts. (iCal can also be used to access other calendars, such as Gmail, which allows you to view multiple calendars through one interface.)