Using drag and drop, you can move stored messages from your ACS account to any personal email account that you are accessing in the same desktop mail program. Follow the steps below to set up ACS and the other email account in the same desktop mail client, and then move any message(s) that you wish to migrate from one account to the other, simply by dragging them.

STEP 1: Configure a single e-mail client to access both accounts

  1. Configure a desktop client to access ACS (Note: you might already have this set up if you have ever used ACS on your current computer.)
  2. Configure the same desktop client to access your personal email account. For example, if your personal email account is a Gmail account, you would follow the IMAP instructions provided by Gmail.

It doesn’t matter which account you set up first, as long as the end result is that you are able to access both ACS and your personal email account through the same mail client.

STEP 2: Move the message(s) you wish to migrate from one account to the other

Once both accounts are configured in the same mail client, you can move messages between them using drag and drop. Some mail clients will also provide an Upload, Move (or similar) menu option, which does the same thing. Although mail clients can vary in terms of the options they offer, most will allow you to select more than one message (or folder) at a time by holding down the shift key, so you can move messages in bulk rather than one at a time.