Please note: these instructions were supplied by an Android user. They are not maintained routinely, but we hope they will be helpful. If you do not use ACS as your BU email service, please see the instructions for BU Google Mail or Exchange.

  1. Open your Mail app.
  2. Choose Other (POP3/IMAP) from the Choose a mail provider screen.
  3. In the New Account screen, enter your BU e-mail address and Kerberos password in the appropriate fields
  4. Advance to Incoming Settings and change the following options:
  5. Protocol: IMAP
    Email address: BU e-mail address, which should already be filled in
    Username: Change your e-mail address to your BU login name by removing
    Password: Should already be populated with your Kerberos password
    IMAP server: Change from to
    Security type: SSL
    Server port: 993

  6. Press Next to advance to Outgoing server settings. Choose the following settings:
  7. Ensure that Login required is checked
    Username: Your BU login name
    Password: Your Kerberos password
    SMTP server: Change from to
    Security type: SSL
    Server port: 465

  8. Press Next to advance to the New Account screen.
  9. Verify your account information and press Finish Setup.