Using the settings below, you can configure any desktop mail program or mobile device to read your ACS email with the IMAP mail protocol.

These settings apply to all ACS accounts.

  1. The mail protocol is IMAP. Please do not use the POP mail protocol.
  2. The IMAP mail server setting is Use this with SSL (port 993).
  3. The SMTP server is Use this with authenticated SSL (port 465) by providing your BU login name in the settings (you will add your Kerberos password later, when prompted). Doing so will allow you to send mail using, even when you are not connected to the BU network.

Other information is specific to your account.

  • In configuring your desktop mail program, you should specify Mail as the Root folder path (in some clients it’s called the IMAP server directory).
  • How to switch from POP to IMAP: If you currently use POP and need to switch to IMAP, read the instructions at