The ACS/UNIX Email service was retired on 11 February 2014. Please see Boston University’s Email & Calendaring services for information on current options. Information on the service as it existed prior to 11 February 2014 is provided below.

Quick Start

Available to: Students, Faculty, Researchers, Staff, Departments, Guests

Cost: No charge

ACS provides access to UNIX computing and a variety of licensed software packages, such as SAS, used in course work and research. ACS is also the host of some legacy Boston University email accounts. However, the process of migrating students to BU Google Mail and faculty/staff to Exchange is underway and email accounts are no longer created on ACS.

  • All members of the BU community who currently have an ACS account are welcome to transition to the use BU Google Apps. However, faculty and staff should check with their departmental administrators before opting to forward ACS mail to the Mail component of BU Google Apps since, for most faculty and staff, use of Exchange is recommended.
  • Please see the BU Google Apps FAQ for more information.


Those who still use ACS for email can read and reply via a website, through a favorite desktop client, or with a mobile device.

Key Features

  • Email – for those who still hold legacy accounts on ACS
  • Mail quota – accounts start with 256MB of space
  • MyACS – view your disk quota allocation and usage
  • Retention – Email in the Trash is retained indefinitely for active accounts. Email that subscribers explicitly delete from the Trash (purged email) is still retained and retrievable by Help request (or write to for 30 days.


  • Must have a BU ID number
  • Must have a current and active status with the University, determined and verified by Human Resources
  • All individuals must read and agree to the University Conditions of Use and Policy on Computing Ethics.

Getting Started

There are no new email accounts created on ACS. The information in this directory is provided for the convenience of those who still hold legacy accounts.

However, ACS accounts required for use of the UNIX-based applications that run on ACS may be requested through the IT Help Center. Submit a Help request or call 617-353-HELP (4357).