Can I hold meetings via Lync?

Yes! Lync allows you to participate in web conferencing, even beyond the BU community. You can opt to participate with video, or audio only, and will manage your availability for meetings through Outlook, just like you do for in-person meetings.

Can guests also participate?

Yes. Non-BU affiliates should follow our Guest Access to Meetings instructions to get started.

Those who have a BU login name, can opt to be a Guest but should really log in as an “Office 365 user” with the full BU email address (as and the corresponding email password.

Do I need any special equipment such as headset, webcam, or speaker phone?

If you are happy with the audio and video provided by your computer or device and you have a private workspace, then you may not need a headset. However, it’s likely that a headset will be helpful under many conditions. In addition, a speaker phone will be helpful for use with mixed meetings, as described below. Departments might want to get a speakerphone that stays in the conference room, for example, that any group can use as needed.

Information is provided on Lync certified equipment that is available for purchase from IS&T.

Can some attendees join via the telephone while others join via a VoIP Lync call?

Yes.  A toll free conference bridge can be integrated into your Lync account. This bridge provides seamless integration of phone conference audio and VoIP audio for meeting attendees. To request a conference bridge, please submit an ISR to IS&T Communication Services.  Once an ISR is received, integration of a conference bridge into Lync will take 2 business days. After you are assigned a conference bridge, you should restart Outlook and you will see that the phone number appears automatically when you create a “New Lync Meeting” (or “Online Meeting” for Mac users).

How can I set up an online meeting invitation that uses Lync?

Once you have Lync set up and you are logged in to it, Outlook provides you with a New Lync Meeting (Windows) or Online Meeting (Mac) button, which you can use to set up a meeting, just like you normally would in Outlook. Note:

  • You do have to be signed in to Lync in order to create the meeting from Outlook.
  • If you don’t use Outlook, you can set up Lync Meetings using the Lync Web Scheduler.
  • If you have been assigned a conference bridge (as described above) the phone number will appear automatically in the meeting invite.
LyncMeeting OnlineMeetingMac

How can I join a Lync meeting?

Online meeting invitations are just like regular meeting invitations. However, when it’s time to join the meeting, you’ll need to open the invitation or calendar event and click on the provided Join Lync Meeting.



  • There’s no harm in joining a meeting early, just to make sure everything is working.
  • If your host has been assigned a conference bridge for those who need to phone in, you will see that number provided below the Join Lync Meeting.
  • When joining a Lync meeting, please note that the “Call me at” functionality will only work if the host has an integrated conference bridge.  In addition, you will notice that your office phone number may be pre-populated.  If your office number is preceded by a plus sign you will need to click the drop down and choose “new number.”  Enter your 11 digit office phone number, or any other telephone number you are using, for example 1617353XXXX.

What are the tools available to me once I'm in the meeting?

Microsoft provides a good overview of tools that are available to you from the Lync Meeting interface. However, please note that the available options will depend somewhat on the version of Lync you are using.

What's the best way to do a mixed meeting (in-person, Lync, phone)? Can I get a conference bridge?

If some of your participants want to gather in person, the computer or device audio might be sufficient (for a very small meeting) but usually a speaker will be needed in order to hear all participants. If participants are also using their video (in addition to audio) it could be helpful to have one person project or share their monitor in order for everyone to see the remote participants.

You can request a toll free conference bridge to allow participants to join via phone or Lync VoIP. After you are assigned a conference bridge, you should restart Outlook and you will see that the number appears automatically whenever you create a “New Lync Meeting” (or “Online Meeting” for Mac users).

Can I use Lync to collaborate with more than one person outside of a meeting?

Yes! You do not need a meeting invitation in order to collaborate with multiple people.

On a Mac, if you are chatting with someone and would like to include someone else, you should go to the “gear” icon in the upper right corner of your chat window, select “Invite by Name or Phone Number” and add in the name of the additional person.


In Windows you would hover over the blue participants icon and “Invite More People.”


I recorded a Lync meeting - where is it stored?

You can check (and if needed, change) where your Lync meeting recordings are stored by logging in to your Lync desktop client. In the drop down to the right of the gear (on the right side of the Lync window), select “Tools” then “Options.”  Then select the “File Saving” tab.  On that page, you will see “Lync recordings – save to”… You can either leave as is, or browse to change where future recordings will be saved.

I cancelled or changed the time of a meeting in my Exchange calendar, but Lync still shows me as “Busy.

If you change the time or cancel a meeting in your Exchange calendar after the original scheduled time has passed, Lync will still show you as “Busy” for the duration.  To correct that, manually change your status in Lync to “Available.”

Having a problem?

Please refer to the Common Questions and Troubleshooting Tips page.