With the 2016 release of Responsive Framework, all new requests for www.bu.edu, sites.bu.edu, and bumc.bu.edu websites will receive the Responsive Framework theme. This theme can be customized by layout, colors, and fonts in the Customizer. You can also use widgets and plugins to add content to customize the look and feel of your site. And if you can style with CSS, the Custom CSS plugin is the way you can totally control the styling of your site.

For legacy sites not yet in Responsive Framework, some themes can be changed depending upon your current theme.  Only themes available to your site will be shown as options.

  1. Click the Appearance tab in your left hand navigation menu to expand.
  2. Click Activate below the theme you wish to activate.

You can also use the Preview link to see what your site will look like with that theme before activating it.