The Section Editing plugin creates a new Section Editor role, and adds an interface for managing groups of Section Editors (known as Section Groups). Each group is granted access to edit and publish specific content. By using this plugin, site administrators get more granular control over who can edit what, and where they are allowed to publish it.

Unfortunately, WordPress does not provide any controls for restricting the editing of published content or limiting what content a particular user is allowed to publish, so if a user has the capability to edit one page, they can edit all pages. For sites that have more than 50 editors and over 1,000 pages, the primary site administrators worry that ill-advised changes will be made to prominent content by an editor with less experience or without the authority to make the change.

Who is this plugin for?

This plugin is designed for site administrators who manage sites with large teams and/or multiple content editors, perhaps spread across different departments or offices.

If you are the sole content maintainer for your site, or you manage a small team of editors who all have the authority to make content changes, you may not benefit from the extra workflow introduced by this plugin.

The section editing workflow may not be the best option for everyone, so we have implemented it as an optional plugin. In order to start using it, you’ll need to request activation of the BU Section Editing plugin for your site.

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