You can access some BU directory profile information for any logged-in BU user if your form uses the Telegraph login tag:

<form action="/phpbin/telegraph/login/index.php">

Available Profile Data

Field Name Description
[profile:name] User's full name ("Jones, Bob")
[profile:department] User's unit/department name (if applicable)
[profile:deptid] User's unit/department number (if applicable)
[profile:title] User's job title (if applicable)
[profile:alias] User's BU login name.
[profile:office_phone] User's office phone number (if applicable)
[profile:phone] User's phone number (if applicable)
[profile:type] User's affiliation with BU.
[profile:email] User's email address.

Using these profile fields in output templates (e.g., for email and spreadsheets) requires converting them to regular field names:

<directive action="field" name="new-field-name" value="profile-field-name" />

  • Example:
    <directive action="field" name="full-name" value="[profile:name]" />