This tag — which you must nest between the opening and closing <head> tags — indicates the title of the document. It appears in the document window title bar (the band across the very top of the browser window):

Title Bar

Among other functions, the title also provides the text for a link to the page in search results:

Search Results

Your title should identify Boston University and any affiliation with an academic or administrative unit first, and then provide descriptive information about the content of the page. For instance:

<title>Boston University Admissions - Programs of Study</title>

You title might also reflect where the page is organized within your site:

<title>BU | WebCentral | Learning | HTML | Introduction | Document Tags | Title Tag</title>

To prevent your title from being truncated in search results, keep it as short as possible. Also, the opening and closing title tags – and the title text nested between them – should all be on the same line (free of line breaks) in your HTML code.