If you surf the Web on a regular basis, chances are you’ve run into a File Not Found page. Often they are rather generic, and this kind of error message can be frustrating, unfriendly, and unhelpful, providing no information about what to do next.

As the site administrator for a school, college, department, or organization at BU, you can prevent this from happening to the visitors of your website by making a custom error page that has the same look and feel of your site. This will let your visitors know that they haven’t strayed too far from your content and guide them back with friendly instructions.

Generic Error Page vs. Custom Error Page


Generic Error Page:

•  Unhelpful

•  Unfriendly

•  Uninformative

Custom Error Page:

•  Helps your visitors find what they’re looking for by means of instructions, a custom search, or links to important information, such as site changes.

•  Maintains a consistent look and feel with your site