When to use

Use this code when you want a file to be viewed only by specific individuals in the BU community, such as a team or committee. Visitors will be prompted to give their BU login name and Kerberos password when they try to view files restricted in this way.

Note: This is not a practical method of restricting access to a large number of individuals. See Restricting by Status and Restricting by Department.


AuthType weblogin
<Limit GET POST>
require user alias


  1. Copy and paste this code as outlined in Protect Your Subdirectory. You must modify the code.
  2. Replace “alias” with the individual’s BU alias. To find an individual’s alias, search the Electronic Directory by their name. Their alias is their login name (the portion of their email address that comes before the @).
  3. You can limit access to several individuals. Simply add additional “require user alias” lines below the first one.


To restrict access to Susan Mix, Ron Yeany, and Richard Mendez, you would use this exact code:

AuthType weblogin
<Limit GET POST>
require user smix
require user ryeany
require user mendez