In order for your website to display your file, your file needs to be located someplace where the website can access it.  To do this using WinSCP, please follow these steps:

1. Launch WinSCP.  (Note: If WinSCP is not already installed you, can do so here.)

2. Under Host Name fill in the name of the server, which is

3. Under User Name enter your BU login name. Under Password enter your Kerberos password.

4. Leave Private key file blank.

5. Under Protocol select SFTP.
NOTE: SFTP (secure FTP) will be required for beginning mid-fall 2014. Try SFTP first. If SFTP is not yet required, you can use FTP but it is recommended that you do so after logging in via VPN.

6. Select Login.

7. The new window will be divided in two. The left side displays the folders currently located in your computer. The right side displays the folders currently located on your site.

8. Search through the folders on the left side and locate your file.

9. Drag the file from the left side over to the right side, and drop it in the appropriate folder.  (Note: If you are unsure of which folder to place the image, create a new directory by right clicking with the mouse, and selecting New and then Directory.)

10. Select Copy. The file is now located in that folder.

If you were to have created a directory “images,” your images will now be located at:[your BU login name]/images/[name of image]

The proper HTML code for that would be:
img src=”[your BU login name]/images/[name of image]”> title=”[any name]” alt=”[any text]”

The file will now appear on your web page.