In addition to all the attributes outlined in the Course Container File and Course Template sections, you may also include fields that not included in the available data.

By creating elements that begin with my_, such as my_language or my_lab, you can generate new attributes for use in the bub_base or bub_coursetags. These attributes become template variables bearing the same name as the attributes.

Including a my_ attribute in your container template and a corresponding my_element in your course template allows you to insert new information into your output.

If you are adding a my_ attribute to a bub_course tag that returns multiple courses, you may also include an include_my_ attribute with the same suffix as the my_ attribute to indicate which courses the attribute should apply to. If this attribute is omitted, the my_ attribute will be applied to all courses that the bub_course tag returns; if it’s included, it will only show up for those courses. The include_my_ attribute takes a course list formatted in the same way as the id attribute for the bub_course tag (e.g. “CASPO101, CASPO201-CASPO300”).

Sample Attribute

If, for example, you wanted to indicate that certain classes were counted as lab courses, you could create a variable called my_lab. The value of my_labwould be set in the container template.

Container Template

<bub_base template=”com.tpl” output=”COM-CO”>

<bub_course id=”COMCO101″ my_lab=”This is a lab course.”>

<bub_course id=”COMCO102″ my_lab=””>

<bub_course id=”COMCO301-COMCO999″ my_lab=”(LAB)”


Now, you need to create an {!element!} in your course template to output the contents of my_lab. This element should have the same name as your new attribute.

Course Template

{!college!} {!department!} {!course_num!}

{!title!}. {!my_lab!}

The output on your course description page will render all the precoded attributes and your new attribute, my_lab.

Resulting Output

COM CO 101

Way of the Wrld. This is a lab course.

COM CO 201

Introduction to Communication Writing.

COM CO 350

Mass Media in Australia.

COM CO 401

Radio Station Practicum.

COM CO 452

Pol Camp & Comm.

COM CO 500

Directed Study.

COM CO 510

Special Topics. (LAB)

COM CO 523

Comm Structures. (LAB)

COM CO 525

Writing About Society. (LAB)

COM CO 561

Camp&Comm US&Uk. (LAB)

COM CO 570

Special Topics: The Comment Workshop. (LAB)

COM CO 599

COM Internship. (LAB)

COM CO 700

Fin & Strat Mng.

COM CO 704

Teaching Techniques.

COM CO 990

Continuing Stdy.