Why can I browse to a site with some browsers but not with others?  How do I find out what’s wrong with the site in this situation?

First, keep in mind that the problem could be caused by your browser settings.  If you want to check the site for problems, use a code validator.  To do this, you enter the web site’s full address at W3C’s code validation service.  The validator checks the site and gives you a report. W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium, the standards organization for the Web.

When I try to connect to webdev.bu.edu or people.bu.edu using Dreamweaver MX 2004, I receive the error message “Dreamweaver cannot determine the remote server time.”

Dreamweaver MX 2004 users sometimes encounter this error; it is the result of a design flaw in Macromedia’s code that was fixed in later Dreamweaver releases. The best solution is to upgrade to a new version of Dreamweaver (see University Computers for discount pricing), as many file management bugs have been fixed in recent releases. If upgrading is not a feasible option, you can use the instructions below to bypass this error. You can bypass this error by changing your site configuration settings to use Passive FTP (In the Dreamweaver program menus, go to Site > Manage Sites, select the site definition that you wish to edit and then select Edit. In the window that appears, select the Advanced tab, then Remote Info. Select the checkbox labeled Use passive FTP and then select OK).

I’ve tried using Perl or PHP scripts on my site on www.bu.edu, but they don’t work. What’s wrong?

Although the www.bu.edu server supports Perl and PHP scripts, we do not allow scripts to run from web directories on www.bu.edu. Instead, the scripts must be located in a secure directory on the server. Boston University departments that want to develop and maintain PHP applications in support of official University business can request a PHP directory.

One of my content modules says it needs to be refreshed. What happened?

Content modules display self-updating information via their connections with remote servers. Sometimes, those connections get interrupted or time out, so the module no longer functions properly. Refreshing the content module manually reestablishes the connection, fixing this problem.  To refresh a content module, click on the link that says Refresh.

I’m receiving an error when connecting to my site using Dreamweaver or Contribute.

Learn about rollbacks and how to configure SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to correct any errors you receive.