For Official Use Only. Boston University faculty and staff who want a development space on the central server to develop content for the official site of a research center, academic department, or administrative unit can request space.

Not for Course Websites. Faculty who would like a website for their class should request a courseware site.

Not for Personal Websites. Individuals and student groups who would like a personal website should request space on

About the Development Directory

The Development Directory at is available to academic and administrative departments. If you have a large website and you do lots of development, you might consider requesting a separate development directory. Sites that are completely new to the BU Web should also first request a development location to develop and test their site content away from the live server.

There are several benefits to having a development directory:

  1. By moving out frequently changing development content, you reduce the amount of synchronization needed in your live site.
  2. You can better separate your live public site from your developmental or internal one, thus reducing the chance of accidentally linking to work in progress.
  3. Your broken links report will not be cluttered with temporary problems that you are experiencing in development.
  4. Because the entire /dev/ directory is excluded from search engines, there is little chance that content in development will surface prematurely in search engines.

Your directory within /dev/ will have the same name as the directory for your live site. You will have full control over the content in your directory, just as you do for your live site. You will also have full control over who has administrative and contributor access to this new directory. We encourage any department with a substantial amount of site development work to apply for a development directory.