Now that you have collected data, you can import your tab-delimited data file into many popular software packages for analysis. Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, SPSS and SAS are examples of programs into which you can import a tab-delimited file.

You can import your data into different types of software for analysis, depending on your needs:

  • Spreadsheet (e.g., Microsoft Excel)
    Spreadsheets are useful for simple mathematical tabulations such as percentages and averages. Many spreadsheets also allow you to create custom graphs and charts from data you have imported.
  • Database (e.g., Microsoft Access, FileMaker)
    Databases are ideal for storing large amounts of structured data. They are suitable for creating complex reports and have powerful data querying capabilities.
  • Statistical analysis programs (e.g., SPSS, SAS)
    These are programs for conducting complex statistical analysis of data. If you are interested in t-scores, confidence intervals, and standard deviations, you should use this software.