The information on this page is provided for your convenience. However, use of the VPN for connecting to BU’s wireless network is no longer necessary. 802.1x technology is available for wireless, and recommended over use of the VPN. If you would like to connect to the BUMC VPN,¬†follow the directions provided by BUMC OIT.

This guide will walk you through the one-time configuration for the VPN.


  1. Go to Play Store and install AnyConnect ICS+. Make sure the developer’s name is “Cisco Systems, Inc.”
  2. When the download and installation is complete, open the AnyConnect ICS+ app.
  3. Select¬†Add New VPN Connection… in the main menu.
  4. Enter the following information as shown below
    • Description: BU VPN
    • Server Address:
    • Advanced Prefences: Tap this once


  5. While in Advanced Preferences, make sure Certificate is set to Automatic and the rest of the settings are as shown below.
  6. Tap Done.
  7. It will try to connect to BU VPN. When it asks for permission, mark Trust this application and tap Ok.
    If it doesn’t automatically try to connect to BU VPN, you can go back to the main menu in step 3 and click on BU VPN once.