EOS Thin Client is a convenient web-based report manager that has been available to the staff of Boston University for several years. This is a web-based version of the mainframe EOS/ERD.  It is a much more user-friendly way to access reports than EOS/ERD.  EOS Thin Client provides many features that EOS/ERD does not, such as the ability to sort your report index and transfer reports to either a text file or a spreadsheet.

We are encouraging the use of EOS Thin Client because of its strong potential to improve the ways we communicate information to the various departments at the University. The main advantage of EOS Thin Client is that it provides immediate access to available information, in a format customized to an individual’s  specific needs. EOS Thin Client also plays a vital role in reducing the total amount of paper produced by printed reports.

Accessing EOS Thin Client involves four easy steps:

  1. Request a permit from your department’s Data Security Administrator for EOSU.
  2. Log onto Boston University’s Business Link with your user ID, Kerberos password, and DUO.
  3. Click on UIS Electronic Report Viewer (EOS Thin Client)
  4. You will be presented with main EOS Thin Client screen.  Click on the box marked EOS to access your reports.

Follow these links for detailed tutorials for EOS Thin Client (BU login, Kerberos password, and SecureID required):