The following keys can be used at any time while you are listening to your messages.

  • The “Star” key (*) stops the current action and returns you to the previous set of options.
    • For example, if you press “Star” while reviewing your messages, you will immediately return to the main menu. If you press “Star” when you are at the main menu, you will exit. You should always press “Star” before hanging up.
    • Pressing “Star” will cancel the last action you took, without aborting the entire operation. For example, if you are sending a message to more than one mailbox, and you accidentally enter the wrong mailbox, you can press “Star” to cancel the last entry, without losing all prior entries.
  • The “Zero” (0) key provides you with information to assist you. If you ever need help, simply press “Zero” for a list of the various options available to you.
  • The “Pound” (#) key completes the current action and moves you on to the next menu. “Pound” lets the system know you have finished whatever action you were performing and that you are ready to move onto the next set of options.