Do I have to listen to the voice prompts every time? After you become familiar with the system, you can skip through the prompts by pressing the appropriate keys. For example, you can change your personal greeting by pressing 91111 directly from the main menu.

What happens if I forget my pass code? Call us at 617-353-2097 and the system administrator will help you create a new pass code.

What features are available to people who call me? A caller can press # (pound) at the end of their message to review and re-record the message, cancel it, or mark it urgent. You may want to inform callers of this in your personal greeting.

What if I accidentally erase a message? Can I get it back? Your messages are not actually erased until you hang up. Press * (star) return to the Main Menu. Then listen to your messages again, by pressing 1. When you find the message you accidentally erased, press 2 to save it.

Will anyone else know my pass code? No, it is completely confidential. No one else will know your pass code unless you tell them.