Using your Cellular device when traveling internationally can result in substantial charges without proper planning. To avoid unexpected billing, it is important that you contact the IS&T Help Center (617-353-HELP) prior to international travel. Your itinerary, intended internet activities and device type(s) will be used to determine the most economical service plan for you.

  • Laptop Aircards: International usage plans are limited and vary depending upon the country you travel to. 100MB and 200MB plans are available from Verizon Wireless but cover only a limited number of countries. The list of countries can be viewed at GlobalAccess.  Usage in countries not covered by a plan will bill at $20.48 per MB. NOTE: If your laptop contains an internal wireless card and you don’t intend to use it during your travels, be sure to disable it to avoid unintentional usage charges.
  • iPhones:  International plans are available for the countries listed at Roam Zone for Discounted Rate Plans – Wireless from AT&T. The service includes email and browser functions only and does not include texting. Calling charges under the plan are discounted, however, the rate can be as much as $4.99 per minute. Click Wireless International Rates – Wireless from AT&T for Country-specific rate information. International Data tethering is not available for these devices.
  • Cell phones: International calling plans are available that will provide discounted usage to many countries. Plans vary based on service provider, however, calling is still expensive and can be as much as $4.99 per minute.

Please note that even when adding international data plans to your phone or data card, international data usage is very expensive. It may be much more cost efficient to use your hotel’s broadband connection or an Internet cafe service for a fixed daily fee to help reduce your data charges.

Be sure to turn off any automatic downloads and updates from programs that push data to your account as these activities can add unintentional usage.

The table below shows estimated data usage based on Internet activity:

Activity: Qty Increment: Usage (MB)
Surfing the internet: 10 hours 102.4
Sending/Receiving Email 100 email msgs 2.6
Sending/Receiving Email w/word doc attachments 100 email msgs 10.2
Sending/Receiving Email w/powerpoint attachments (20 pages) 10 email msgs 20.5
Upload/Download of photos (JPG) 10 photos 15.4
Streaming Video (iPlayer, YouTube) 10 minutes 102.4
Full Length Movies (AVI) 1 movie 1,536.0
VoIP or IM chat, social applications (Face Book, Twitter) 10 hours 51.2
Video Conferencing 1 hour 205

If your mobile device is not capable of international service, short-term rentals are available.