My BlackBerry has stopped sending and receiving my Exchange email. How can I fix this?

  1. Pull the battery. This will often reset the data portion of the device.
  2. Check and clear the cache. To clear the cache on a BlackBerry, open the browser window, hit the BlackBerry menu key, select “options,” then select “cache operations,” then clear all history. If the memory is getting too close to full, the device will stop email.
  3. Delete all messages from the device only.  If you delete a message from the device, it will remain in your Exchange email.

I want to “port” from one carrier to another. What should I know?
When porting from one carrier to another please be aware that your voice mail messages and applications will not transfer to the new device.  Please make a note of all voice mails before you port your service over.

I want to upgrade my cellular device. What should I know before activating the new device?

  1. While some carriers will move some applications to an upgraded device, many pictures, ringtones, songs, and media will not transfer and will need to be copied or reloaded.
  2. Contacts will not transfer on phones automatically. If you use a non-BlackBerry device, you will need to have your contacts moved onto the new device.  Many vendors  can perform this for a fee. For Sprint/Nextel devices, contacts can often be copied from one SIM card to another.
  3. If you ask IS&T to activate the new device, we will coordinate the time with you to make the transfer as quick as possible to minimize the time you are without service. The old device needs to be turned off in most cases for the service to be moved.

Why can’t I get my AirCard activated on my laptop?
Make sure to read all instructions before trying to install an AirCard into your laptop. Many devices require that you download and install drivers before you take your AirCard on the road.

My iPhone is broken. How do I get a replacement?
Please be aware that AT&T does not have control over iPhone replacements.  These are only allowed from the Apple store. Replacements can be very costly so be careful!

If I get an iPhone do I have to have an iTunes account?
Yes, you need the account to activate and maintain certain information in the iPhone. The account is free and you do not need to enter a credit card number into the account unless you wish to download content from the iTunes store to your device.

What should I do when getting rid of my old device?

  1. Before you get rid of your old device, make sure all personal data is wiped from the memory.  This includes contacts, email, and text messages.  There are various ways to accomplish this depending on the device and carrier.  Please contact us at 617-353-HELP (4357) or for more information on how to clear your particular device.
  2. The old device should be turned in to your department administrator.  If the device is still in good condition they may wish to use it for someone else.  If it is in good condition, you may also send it to the IS&T Help Center at 179 Amory Street (West Campus) to be re-issued.