Meridian business sets (MBS) are multi-line phones, meaning they can have multiple numbers on one phone.  At the same time, each MBS phone must have a unique telephone number on the bottom button (this telephone number can be on other MBS phones, but not on the bottom button).  This means that if you require 10 sets, you will need 10 phone numbers/lines.  All MBS sets have a visual voice mail indicator, a transfer/conference button, most have caller ID (which includes not only the number of the calling party, but if the call is coming from on campus you will often see the name of the calling party.  In addition, the caller ID will display if a call is being forwarded to you and who it is being forwarded from), and one model has speakerphone.  In addition, they have the ability to have an intercom button which means that each MBS phone would be assigned a two digit number that other members of your group/department could dial to reach your phone even if you are on your direct line.  MBS lines and sets also allow you to have a rollover(s) for your department’s main number and for your direct number.  This means that you can have several incoming calls, and the ability to answer them, to the same number simultaneously.  An MBS line and set is often appropriate for main numbers that require rollovers and/or that are answered by multiple staff members at different phone (for instance, you would be able to have the main number, in addition to a direct number, appear on 10 phones throughout your department to ensure call coverage).

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