We offer the rental of high-quality Polycom speaker phones that have greatly increased microphone sensitivity and speaker clarity over a regular desk phone.  These phones allow you to hold conference calls with a large group assembled in one room.

The rental charge is $50 per event.  An analog line must be present and available at the site.  Additional charges apply if an analog phone line needs to be moved or installed.

To request a Polycom rental, please submit an ISR to IS&T Communication Services at least three days in advance of the required date (if you require an analog line to be moved or installed, please submit the requisition at least 5 business days in advance).  Please be aware that we have a limited number of sets and may be unable to accommodate all requests.

Polycom speaker phones are also available for purchase.  Please contact us at 617-353-2097 or phone@bu.edu for a quote.