Guest Accounts

Generally, Guest accounts will expire after one year unless renewed or otherwise specified.

Faculty and Staff

Those leaving employment

Faculty and staff who are leaving employment with Boston University will be deprovisioned from access to Office 365 and BU Google Apps, if applicable. If there is a window of time before your account is deprovisioned, some of the information on the forwarding page (related to the export of Contacts and migration of messages to another account) may be helpful.


If you are an alum of Boston University since 2010, you are entitled to an email account in BU Google Apps. If you are an alum prior to 2010, you are eligible to create a BU Google apps account. To initiate the process please start here. To learn more about BU alumni benefits please visit the BU Alumni & Friends page.


Retiring faculty and staff are able to retain their email account hosted on Microsoft Exchange – no action is required. However, faculty and staff who no longer wish to retain a BU email account, but do wish to keep the email address, can instead set up forwarding to an external email account.

More Information

  • If you have any questions or would like assistance, please contact or visit the IT Help Center.
  • Information on other retiree perks is available from the Human Resources site.