Outlook 2011 for Mac is available to faculty and staff (along with the full Office suite) for use on BU-owned machines and for use at home through BU’s Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.

If you have installed Outlook 2011 for the Mac, as is recommended, you should reference those instructions, instead of proceeding with the information on this page.

Configure Entourage to use Exchange

Assuming you are going to proceed with your use of Entourage from Office 2008 instead of using Outlook 2011 (as recommended above) you must make sure you are using Entourage Web Services Edition, which you can download from Microsoft. Once you have installed Entourage Web Services Edition, the first time you run it you will be led through the account setup process. The following images show what to expect.

  1. This is the window you will see when you run Entourage Web Services Edition the first time. For the cleanest results, select the first option, Start Using Entourage without importing…. Click the right arrow.
  2. Mac Entourage setup 1
  3. The next window will ask for your email address. Be sure to check the box indicating that your account is on an Exchange server. Click the right arrow.
  4. Mac Entourage setup
  5. In the next window, leave the Domain blank. Then enter your Account ID (your BU login name) and Password (BU Kerberos).You can optionally check the box to save the password in your Mac OS X keychain. Click OK.
  6. Screen shot
  7. If you have entered the information correctly, you will get the  “Automatic Configuration Succeeded” window. If Automatic Configuration was not successful, check to make sure that all the information you entered is correct, and try again. If the configuration has succeeded, click the right arrow.
  8. Next, you will get the “Verify and Complete Settings” window. It should appear with your name and email address filled in. This information will be displayed to recipients of mail that you send. Do not edit the information for the Exchange server and LDAP server. Click the right arrow.
  9. It is recommended that you let Entourage verify your account settings at this point. (Note that, if you are connecting from a home computer, it may take a long time for this process to complete.) Click Verify My Settings.
  10. Mac Entourage setup
  11. If the verification works, you will get the result below. If the verification fails, you will see an additional button labeled Skip Verification. (If you are using a slow connection it is possible for the verification process to time out and give you the failure message. You can try again, or optionally click the Skip Verification button.) Click the right arrow.
  12. Mac Entourage setup
  13. If verification has succeeded you are almost finished. What you now type in the Account name box is what will appear on the left-hand side of the Entourage application window when you open it. Click Finish.
  14. Mac Entourage setup 8
  15. One last option is to let Mac OS X know if you want to use Entourage as your Default application, determined by your personal preference.
  16. Mac Entourage setup 9