The Broadcast Message System managed by Information Services & Technology (IS&T) offers considerable flexibility. Use of the Broadcast Message System is governed by the University’s Broadcast Email Policy and assistance is provided by the IT Help Center.

Recipient Populations

The Broadcast Message System can send to entire Boston University populations (e.g. all students, all faculty, all faculty and staff) or to more specific populations, based on a mailing list.

When to Submit the Request

Requests to send Broadcast Messages should be submitted at least two days before the required mailing date in order to allow sufficient time for setup of the message and mailing list. This two day minimum does not include the time required to secure any approvals, which should be done in advance.
*Please note: Broadcast messages can be scheduled to release any time or day of the week, but the Broadcast team is only able to process requests or answer questions during their specific hours of support: Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Message Formatting

A standard BU template is available through use of the system and you can write to if you would like to have a copy of it. However, most likely you will want to use one of your existing templates, or develop one. Either way, you will want to make sure that your message is completely formatted, and ready-to-go, when you submit the Broadcast Message request.

The Process

Review the process that corresponds to the community you will be sending the message to.

Get Help

The IT Help Center is the central contact for all Broadcast Message requests sent to IS&T. You can contact the IT Help Center by sending email to or calling 617-353-HELP.