The Medical Campus has its own broadcast message system and oversees the following available mailing lists:

  • All-medical campus faculty & staff
  • All-medical campus students
  • All-medical campus faculty
  • All-medical campus staff

Recipient Population

All BUMC faculty, staff, and/or students


This is the sole mechanism used to send mail to all members of the BUMC faculty, staff and/or student populations and all address lists are carefully maintained.

The Process

  1. Use of the BUMC broadcast system is subject to the approval requirements in Table 1 and described in the following protocol:
    The Provost’s Office or the Office of the Associate Vice President for Business Affairs may originate and send a broadcast email to any of the above lists. Other Medical Campus offices that wish to send a Medical Campus-wide broadcast email must contact the Boston University Medical Center Office of Communications – 617-638-8491. They will review, and if appropriate, approve and/or modify the message and execute its transmission to the target group.
  2. Each of the following questions must be addressed prior to sending an email message:
    1. To: Which population(s) will receive the message?
    2. From: Who will appear as the sender in the message? For example, should a department email address be used? or is an individual’s address preferable? Refer to the Guidelines for more information.
    3. Reply-to: Should replies to your email message (including notices of undeliverable email) be sent to an address other than that specified in the “From:” field? If so, which address should be used? When answering that question, consider the number of responses you expect the email to generate.
    4. Subject: What should appear in the subject line?
    5. Has the message grammar and spelling been checked?
    6. When? Is there a date/time by which the message must be sent? If so, has enough time been allowed to meet your deadline? Remember that it takes time to secure approval, create the mailing list, and format the message before the email can be sent. Remember, too, that with few exceptions, messages should be sent only at non-peak times. (Weekday afternoons from 1:00 to 6:00 are considered to be peak times.)