How It Works

Zero Clients connect to a central server where the operating system and software is stored. You have your own desktop image that is customizable by you in the same way as a typical desktop computer. The software that you would normally download and save on a personal computer is now stored on the network, so you can access your desktop and files from anywhere.

Software Images

IS&T offers Windows 7 and Microsoft Office Professional 2013 suite. Other licensed software is the responsibility of the department or school.

Providing the Service

Local IT groups that are interested in providing Zero Clients to faculty, staff, and researchers should contact the IT Help Center for more information on providing the service.

Ordering Zero Clients

Wyse Zero Clients are available in the new BUworks Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) vendor catalog with product ID 20818707. The cost for a Zero Client is ~$300.

Accessing Your Virtual Desktop

At Your Desk

When you’re at your desk, sign in to VMview with your BU login name and Kerberos password.

From Home
  1. If you haven’t already, download the View Client (available at When you’re installing the software, enter as the connection server URL.
    • On a PC, choose the option to create a shortcut. Mac users need to add it to their Dock or Applications folder.
    • For iPad users, download the free app called VMware View Client.
    • You do NOT have to use VPN to connect to your desktop from home.

Using an Existing Computer

There will be a software charge to set up a virtual desktop on an existing computer.

  1. Request a virtual desktop from the IT Help Center or your local IT support group.
  2. Once you have a virtual desktop, connect as above using the VMview client and the connection server


Black Screen:

Like other computers, there is a screen saver that will cause your display to automatically go black after a period of inactivity. Simply moving the mouse or pressing the Enter key will bring your display back. For most users, the default is 10 minutes.


If you need to download any new software or encounter any problems, contact the IT Help Center online, via email, or by phone at 353-HELP (4357).

If you have any further questions, contact the IT Help Center or your local IT support group.