This software is approved for use on BU Windows devices.

Download and install from WinSCP’s website.

– Once installed use the following configuration steps:

  1. Click New button.
  2. Fill out the resulting screen with the following options:
    • Host name:
    • Port number: 22
    • User name: Your BU login name.
    • Password: Leave blank until actual login.
    • Private key file: Not required.
    • File protocol: SFTP


  3. Select Directories from the list on the left side of the window.
  4. In the Remote directory field, write a file path with the following format:
    • College: /afs/
      • X is the first letter of college code (i.e., c for cas)
      • Y is the second letter of college code (i.e., a for cas)
      • ZZZ is college code ( i.e., cas)
    • Top-level Web Directory: /afs/
      • X is the first letter of the web directory (i.e., t for tech)
      • Y is the second letter of the web directory (i.e., e for tech)
      • XYZ is the full name of the web directory (i.e., tech)
    • IS&T: /afs/
  5. Select Preferences from left side of the window and then select Explorer (unless you would like the two-pane window option).
  6. Select Save, so you can use the same configuration each time. Use the default name or change it if you prefer.
  7. Click OK. You will see your new saved name in “Stored sessions.”
  8. Select the saved session name and click Login.
  9. If you get the following screen, click Yes.
  10. Type your Kerberos password.
  11. Now you should have this screen (the address is whatever you specified earlier):
  12. Open sub-folders as normal for any Explorer window.
  13. For application files that you wish to print or save:
    • Right-click on the selected file, and select Open. Once the file is open, print the file as normal.
    • Alternatively, copy the file and then paste it in the desired directory.