Office 2007 features an interface that is quite different from the one used in earlier versions of Office. Instead of the menus, toolboxes and taskbars that you used in previous versions of Office, you will now see a ribbon which groups related commands together into tabs.

People who are new to Office report that this new interface is simple to use and makes sense. Long-time users of Office may have some initial difficulty in finding commands they are familiar with; some of the IT Help Center staff, for example, found the new layout frustrating at first, but over time we’ve become used to it.

Here is a picture of the Word 2007 ribbon. Notice the tabs across the top: each of these will give you access to different combinations of commands.

For more information

Microsoft has a Get Started page for Office 2007 with links to demos, tutorials, and images of theĀ  Office 2007 interface.