Office 2007 is a major upgrade to Office. Not everyone should switch right away; some people may decide not to switch at all. This page outlines some of the factors you may want to consider as you decide when or whether to switch to Office 2007.

What are the system requirements?

Office 2007 requires significantly more disk space and memory than previous versions. Please visit to find the system requirements for the various editions of Office 2007.

Should I switch?

You should only switch if:

  • you know that your computer hardware and software meet the requirements above,
  • you’re prepared to learn a new interface to Office, and
  • you understand that you will need to save carefully in order to share documents with friends, family, or colleagues who have earlier versions of Office.
If you work in a BU department, you should probably speak with your local computer support person or with others in the department before you decide whether to upgrade. Your department may be considering a group license upgrade or may have other issues they’d like you to consider.

Is there more than one edition of Office 2007?

Yes, there are eight (8) differently packaged suites of Office 2007 to choose from. The core components (Word and Excel, for example) stay the same between suites, but different suites offer different combinations of other software. For a full chart showing what you get in each package, please visit

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