About Office 2007

Microsoft Office 2007 is the newest version of Office for Windows. It became available to businesses and universities on 30 November 2006, and to individuals on 30 January 2007. Office is a software suite which generally includes the programs Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and Outlook. The information on this page will be helpful to people who are upgrading from a previous version of Office and are looking for some familiar features.

Dealing with new file formats

Save as PDFSave your favorite commands to the Quick Access toolbar


After you have installed Office 2007 you might find the following information to be helpful.

New file formats (which other versions cannot read):
The Office 2007 versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint use new file formats and file extensions, e.g., .docx instead of .doc for Word documents. People who use earlier versions of Office can’t automatically read these file formats. If you use Office 2007, you may use the Save As command to save your files in a format that everyone can read. Learn more about how people with different versions can work together. You can also change the default so that every file you save is a .doc rather than a .docx (for example). To do that within Word options, go to the Office button menu, choose Word Options and click on Save. Then set the save format as follows.

Save as PDF:
If you are an Acrobat user, it’s likely you have lost the “Save as PDF” button you once had availble in Microsoft Word. To restore that feature, choose File->Save As-> PDF or XPS. The first time you choose that option, you will be prompted to download and install Office’s new PDF writer. Once it’s installed, that menu selection can be used to save a document to PDF format.

Keep losing your favorite commands?:
If you became accustomed to the menu structure in previous versions of Office, the new format can really shake your work environment. To help soften that a little, you can save your favorite commands (once you find them!) to the Quick Access Toolbar by doing a right click and choosing Add to Quick Access Toolbar. Try to do this sparingly so that you only add the things you really use frequently.