The instructions on this page presuppose some technical skill with installing and configuring Java applications. If you have any doubts at all it is recommended that you go to Install HOD and follow the instructions there.

  1. For best results, your PC should have the Java 2 Runtime installed. If it isn’t, go to and download/install the latest version. (If you are using dial-up, you should download this at the office, save it to your PC, then copy it to a CD for installation at home. It will go a lot faster that way!)
  2. To start the installation of HOD, start Internet Explorer (or other browser, though these instructions are based on IE).
  3. Disable any/all pop-up blocking from the BU site. Note: pop-ups will have to be unblocked through IE as well as through any toolbar, such as Google or Yahoo.
  4. Navigate to (Note the underscore character (“_”) between¬† “uis” and “web” in the link address.)
  5. You will be prompted with a number of dialog boxes, asking if you want to trust or install the software being downloaded. You should respond Always (if an option), or Yes to accept.
  6. A progress meter (thermometer type) will display the installation progress.
  7. 3270iconOnce completed, you will be presented with a page with a gray background and four icons. For a typical UIS (Galaxy) session double-click the icon labeled UIS 3270-2. The other icons are for specialized terminal sessions or for FTP file transfers. (See Using HOD for FTP.)
  8. To set up a bookmark for a UIS terminal session, right-click on the icon titled UIS 3270-2, then select Set up bookmark.
  9. When the dialog box appears, click  Run in Separate Window.
  10. A UIS screen will appear, followed by a dialog box that says “Use your browser to bookmark this page now.” Click OK.
  11. On the Windows taskbar, click on the browser page to bring it to the foreground. Then click on the Favorites menu, then Add to Favorites. (You can also copy the favorite link and paste it on the desktop for one-click activation.)
  12. When you need to access UIS, simply start IE, go to the Favorites menu and select UIS Web 3270. A new window with the UIS screen will appear. This can be maximized for easier use.
NOTE: The UIS session connection depends on the browser being active. This means that if you exit out of IE, your UIS session will be disconnected and data may be lost. You can use IE and navigate to other sites while you are logged on to UIS, but you mustn’t close it entirely, or your UIS session will be ended as well.