Where can I find general Linux information?

There are a lot of wonderful Linux sites on the net. Check dmoz for a list. We can specifically recommend OSDN’s Linux.com. If you’re looking for dead-trees information, visit O’Reilly Associates’ Linux Center — they publish some of the best computer books in existence.

What’s a good source for Linux news?

Again, there’s lot’s out there. We’ll recommend a few. For your daily fix, check out Linux Today. On a slower time scale, there’s the excellent print magazines Linux Journal and Linux Magazine. But if you’ve only got time to follow one news source, make it Linux Weekly News. It comes out every Thursday, and provides a summary of and intelligent commentary on the happenings of the past week.

Where can I find Linux documentation?

At The Linux Documentation Project, of course. Make sure to check out the HOWTOs. Also, the Google search engine has a special Linux-specific search. And, dmoz provides a nice list of other places to look.

Where can I get software that will run on my Linux box?

Check Freshmeat, a very comprehensive index of Linux software. (It’s amazing how many new entries there are every day.) FreshRPMs (an unrelated site) also provides many nice multimedia packages in RPM form.

What other resources do you recommend?

If you’re interested in following the latest kernel development, KernelNewbies.org is great. And of course, while it’s certainly not Linux specific, Slashdot is always interesting (if not precisely reliable).