Set up and test your computer to log into Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro

  • After submitting your meeting request you will receive an email response with the necessary account information. Click on the Account Location link and enter the Login and Password information provided in the email.
  • On the Home page, click on the Resources tab.
  • In the Getting Started box, click on the Open link. A window will pop up with Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Getting Started instructions.
  • From the Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Getting Started instructions, follow the first 3 steps under Create Meetings to install Adobe Acrobat Add-ins and test your computer (choose Run when prompted to install add-ins).
  • Please note: Step 4 is optional; you need WinZip on your computer to install this feature.
  • Close the Getting Started window. You are already on Step 5: Logged into Connect Pro Central.