Practice opening your document content on the computer using the Screen-Share Method

Adding and Sharing Content

Before the meeting, establish what you want to share with your conferees—what is it that you want them to view? To share information such as web browsers, Excel workbooks, JPEGs, and the like, you need to add the content into the Share Pod; for Power Point presentations you may want to add to your Content library.

Adding Content into the Share Pod

Using the Start menu on the lower left of your computer desktop, open the content you wish to share. For example, open your browser and open a website or Excel workbook, then minimize it on your computer desktop.

Look at an Illustration of the Share Pod

On the share pod under “What do you want to share?” in the middle of the screen, a list of three options appears:

My Computer Screen

  • Select My Computer Screen; the Start Screen Sharing window opens.
  • Select Windows (meaning the windows open on your computer, such as the website or Excel workbook).
  • Click to choose the content you minimized on your PC, such as the website or JPEG.
  • Click the Share button. You can resize the shared screen by clicking on the upper right window tool

Check that conferees can see your window in the share pod.

To Stop Sharing, go to the top right of the screen and click on Stop Sharing. You may also click on the target content which is minimized on your computer task bar.