Adobe Connect Pro Components

Meeting Pods

The Adobe Connect Meeting Room opens as a collection of functional pods:

  • The Share pod for viewing the content
  • The Attendee pod for identifying conferees
  • The Chat pod for group text messaging
  • The Note pod for the host to take notes during the meeting

Upper Task Bar

  • Choose the Meeting dropdown to view the meeting management options.
    Click on Manage My Settings to test your computer settings for speed, audio, and—if in use—the camera.
    You can also choose either the End Meeting or Exit Connect Pro options from the Meeting Drop Down.
  • Choose Present to view the hosting controls—note the Host Cursors.
  • Choose Layout to view pod layout options—Sharing, Discussion and Collaboration (default Discussion).
  • Choose Pods to view the various pods available.

Lower Menu Bars

There are three menu bars at the lower left bottom of the screen: Status Options, Voice Options, and Pod Options.

  • The Status Options bar allows participants and presenters to communicate non-verbally during the presentation.
  • The Voice Option (Talk) bar controls VoIP audio for the meeting (this does not apply to dial-in). To speak to the conference participants, click the Hold to Talk or Hands-free icon (which looks like a lock) to keep audio path open. Click on the drop-down to bring up additional Voice choices (Voice On—Multiple Speakers & Medium Volume are default).
  • The Pod Option bar shows Sharing, Discussion and Collaboration icons. We default to the Sharing Option pod.

Audio in the Meeting

When all participants are using telephones or cell phones:

If you have an audio conference bridge reservation, enter as host to initiate the dial-in conference, if using the Premier Global Conference service, use the 800 number and host pass code, or the local number if using “Meet Me” conference calling.

When all participants are using computer speakers and/or computer headsets with microphones (not telephones):

For conferences with all participants using computer VoIP, enable the audio.

For only one (the host) or for multiple participants:

    • On the lower left Task Bar use the Talk Bar drop-down arrow and select Voice On for One Speaker or Voice On for Multiple Speakers. Note volume adjustments.
    • To speak to the participants, press and hold down TALK, or press the HANDSFREE LOCK ICON for continuous speaking access (a pop-up may appear asking you to allow Adobe voice capture).
    • For a General Discussion allowing everyone to speak, click on MEETING on the upper task bar, then click on Manage Access and Entry. Select Auto-Promote Participants to Presenters to enable a general discussion.
    • To give microphone access to single individuals,
      • select a name in the Attendee Pod.
      • Click the Pod Options button in the lower right corner.
      • Change Enhanced Participant’s Rights…›Select Camera and Voice › OK
      • Click on the Attendee name and click Grant Microphone Rights on the hover menu.