1. When setting up the meeting room, make sure to change the Meeting Room Preferences from LAN to DSL/Cable. This will optimize the bandwidth of the room for the majority of the attendees.
  2. Use the best layout to suit your needs and resize windows before the meeting, this will ensure no technical difficulties arise after the meeting starts.
  3. Before the meeting starts, log out of all programs which send notifications of new activity. This includes but should not be limited to: Email, gmail, Gtalk, Communicator, ICQ, and AIM. If you need to share your screen, notifications will continue to pop up.
  4. Turn the ringers off of all phones. Cellphones and land-lines are common distractors during the progression of a meeting. Any alarms should also be turned off.
  5. Let others know that you will be on a Web Conference and ask not to be disturbed. A sign posted will let others know that you are engaged.
  6. When using the VoIP feature built into the Adobe Connect Meetings, ask all participants, presenters, and hosts to mute their microphones unless they are speaking. When audio comes out of the computer’s speakers it may feed back into the internal microphone causing a distracting echo. If the attendees have access to headsets, this will often solve the issue as well.
  7. If you will be using a webcam, please make sure the area is well lit and the camera is in focus.
  8. There is a video limit. Having more than 10 persons broadcasting video at the same time can cause glitches, jumping, audio, and/or general conference failure. If recording the meeting, this can lead to problems with the recording.
  9. If someone logs in twice (displays as NAME2) audio and video will not work. They will not be able to hear, see or broadcast. The resolution will be to log out of all browser windows and re-enter the conference.
  10. Remember to start the audio and the recording when the conference is ready to begin. (the Meeting tab will bring you to the option to record the meeting, and the Audio tab will bring you to the Start Meeting Audio)
  11. Remember to end the Recording when the meeting is over.
  12. You may wish to inform the participants that they can message everyone, groups, or individuals.
  13. Review the Status icon which allows the participants to raise hand and show status updates. (Away, applause, audio volume requests)
  14. You cannot share any documents that are not in an Adobe supported format:
    • A single PDF file
    • A single PPT or PPTX file
    • A single SWF file
    • A single HTML file
    • A single Adobe Captivate SWF file
    • Adobe Captivate content published through the Adobe Captivate application
    • Adobe Presenter content published through the Presenter plug-in
    • Presenter content packaged as a ZIP file
    • A ZIP file that contains multiple SWF files and extra files (images, XML files, and so on) and a file called index.swf that is loaded first
    • A ZIP file that contains multiple HTM or HTML files and extra files (images, SWF files, and so on) and one file called index.htm or index.html
    • A ZIP file that contains a single PDF file.
    • An FLV file
    • A single image (JPEG, GIF, or PNG)
    • A single audio file (mp3)
    • A single video file (mp4, f4v)
  15. To share a document you would need to share your desktop and then open the document on your computer. You may also save the document as a pdf in some cases.
  16. If you hover over a participant’s name, you can promote or demote to presenter and host status. In most cases you will only want to make someone  a presenter which will limit their access to the conference functions only and not the actual meeting functions (End Meeting, mass promotes, etc.)
  17. Before the meeting, be sure to run the Audio Setup Wizard under Meeting to get the best possible audio transmission.
  18. When the meeting is finished remember if re-using the meeting room URL to clear out all chat and shared pods. These will carry over from one meeting to the next if not cleared. The options to clear and other functions of the Pods will be in the Menu icon in the upper right corner of the pod itself.
  19. Remember to End Meeting under the Meeting tab to close the meeting room. If you fail to do this, anyone who has the URL can just enter the unclosed meeting room. Ending ensures the room is only used when you wish it to be used as you will need to start the meeting from the login screen.
  20. If recording the conference and using a camera, please remember to stand still.

Additional suggestions and trainings can be found at the following sites: