To Open a Scheduled Meeting

  1. Log in at with the login ID and password supplied to you via email.
  2. From the Home page, click on the My Meetings tab.
  3. In the My Meetings window choose your meeting by clicking the green Open button; Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro opens.
  4. Uncheck the Lock the meeting after starting button if desired.
  5. Click Start Meeting button.

The Attendee Pod will show the conference attendees as they join.

At beginning of the meeting, verify that each conference attendee has enabled Adobe Connect Pro from this link provided in their email:

  • If the conferees are using VoIP (computer speakers or a headset) for the audio portion of conference, remind them to run the Audio Setup Wizard. Instruct them to go to the top task bar:    Meeting › Manage My Settings › Audio Setup Wizard (follow steps 1 through 5).
  • If you have an audio conference bridge reservation, enter as host to initiate the dial-in conference, using the 800-number and host pass code.

To End a Meeting

From the top task bar, select Meeting, then End Meeting.
End Meeting dialog box appears; click OK, close out of the application, Logout of Connect Pro.