Logitech H650e Mono

Logitech 650e Mono (recommended) $51.54

Logitech H650e Dual

Logitech 650e Duo (recommended) $54.84

Plantronics C310-M Mono

Plantronics C310-M Mono $32.23

Plantronics C320-M Duo

Plantronics C320-M Duo $35.81

Plantronics C510-M Mono

Plantronics C510-M Mono $65.45

Plantronics C520-M Duo

Plantronics C520-M Duo $71.61

Logitech H820e Mono Wireless

Logitech Wireless 820e Mono $107.34

Logitech H820e Dual Wireless

Logitech Wireless 820e Duo $118.60

Jabra 410

Jabra 410 Speakerphone $90.64


Microsoft Lifecam Cinema Webcam $44.21

Logitech 910

Logitech B910 HD Webcam $62.96

To place an order, please submit an ISR to IS&T Communication Services.  Note that it is not necessary, and in some cases not recommended, to download the manufacturer’s software driver. These items should work automatically when connected.

Contact us at 617-353-2097 or phone@bu.edu for more information.