As described by Microsoft, Skype for Business is, “communications software that creates a virtual connection between you and the people you work with. It lets you talk, share your desktop and programs, and work together in real time, all from your computer.” Skype for Business offers instant messaging, Skype-to-Skype high-definition (HD) voice and video calling, rich online meetings, web-based video conferencing, and recording capabilities. Additional details are provided in the service description for BU Skype for Business.

After you launch Skype for Business, you should log in using your full BU email address (as and the password you use to access email.

Once you have Skype for Business up and running, the first thing you might want to do is search on the name of a friend/coworker so you can practice communicating. You can use the provided buttons to send them an instant text message, or even call them via audio or video. You can explore Skype for Business’ buttons and menus on your own, or review the basic instructions available from Microsoft.

In addition to communicating with individuals, you will also be able to participate in Skype for Business Meetings.

Note that, in order to see the presence/availability of those you communicate with most often, you will want to add them to your Contacts list and have them add you.

Yes. IS&T offers Skype for Business training. In addition, on-line training materials are available, as described below in the Learn More section.

Yes! See the Skype for Business Meetings page for detailed information.

You’ll learn even more about Skype for Business simply by exploring the menus and reviewing the information below.