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Available to: Faculty, Researchers, Staff

Cost: No charge for Skype for Business. If you include a toll-free teleconference option for participants who connect via telephone, you may incur a charge for that toll-free teleconference service.

IS&T offers a rich set of real-time collaboration services, including web conferencing and online meetings, through BU’s implementation of Microsoft Skype for Business. Skype for Business is an integral part of the Microsoft Office family.


Skype for Business incorporates a wide range of communications and collaboration capabilities in a single, centrally managed platform. Departments are freed from the responsibility and costs associated with licensing online conferencing services or maintaining their own servers. Access is free and broadly available via clients for popular platforms and devices, as well as the Web. Integration with BU’s Active Directory standardizes and simplifies authentication and makes it easy to contact people in the BU community. Online meetings can include invited guests from outside the University.

Key Features

  • Instant messaging
  • Web access to Skype for Business meetings for anyone without an installed client, including invited guests – no BU affiliation or credentials required
  • Online meetings featuring high-definition (HD) video from multiple participants, screen sharing, PowerPoint presentation, virtual whiteboards, and more
  • The integrated Skype for Business Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provides free, high-quality audio
  • Optional toll-free bridge integration (standard charges apply) allows participants to join Skype for Business meeting audio via telephone
  • Session recording; standards-based MP4 recordings can be stored anywhere
  • Presence indication based on each person’s Outlook calendar, current Lync activities, and manual settings.
  • Easy access via clients for Windows, Mac OS, Windows Phone, iPad, iPhone, and Android
  • Skype-to-Skype HD voice and video calling and conferencing

What to Expect

Skype for Business is provided as part of Microsoft’s cloud-based Office 365 platform, for which Microsoft promises 99.9% uptime. See the Office 365 Trust Center for details and compliance reports.


Getting Started